Risk and Crisis Management Experts

Increasing Risks

Globalization and advancement in information technology have brought us many benefits. However, they have also brought us serious challenges, in which the risks we face are increasing in number and complexity. The terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, and the following wars and terror incidents have shown that danger can face anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Not just terrorism; less spectacular dangers can also have a devastating impact on businesses and individuals: kidnap for ransom, information leak, fraud, embezzlement, hacking and virus attacks on computers and networks, malicious product tampering, etc.
Companies and individuals need to be vigilant. Only with preparation can we minimize our exposure to risk, and, if disaster does strike, limit the damage.

To Improve Corporate Security in Japan

OSC was founded by Akihiko Narita and Osamu Ohkoshi in order to improve corporate security in Japan. Narita is a well-known expert for his leading role in introducing computer and network security to Japan. Ohkoshi has extensive experience in risk and crisis management at multinational companies in Japan. They teamed up to provide enhanced and exhaustive security solutions. OSC is the first security consultant company in Japan to cover the whole range of security issues that include computer and network security, physical security, personal security, investigation and crisis management.
OSC is committed to establishing a thorough risk and crisis management system in accordance with each of our client's needs.